By Alexandra Landaverde

Have you ever found yourself cleaning your room and you find your old books from school?, your first thought will probably be to throw them out. Don’t do it! you can do several things with them, if you consider yourself an artsy person this is for you. 

Recycling old books by repurposing them in crafts is a creative way to help the planet, also nowadays some books won’t be accepted if you attempt to recycle them simply because the pages may be wet or yellowed, which makes the recycling process difficult so if you want to help the planet and get rid of those old books here are five simple crafts that you can make: 

  1. Book page coasters: 

This craft is ideal for people that often use coasters, not only for them but also for someone that wants to add some appeal to their kitchen utensils, or if you want to make an easy gift for your friends this is also ideal.



  1. Cut the old paper pages slightly larger than the coaster.
  2. Add glue on top of the coaster and paste the paper page.
  3. Attach the cork or felt to the bottom of the coaster to prevent scratching and to add stability. 
  4. Apply varnish to protect the coaster from drink spills.
  1. Book page gift tags:

Here’s another idea to gift your friends. You can attach these gift tags to another gift, you can even choose a quote in your old books that you would like to dedicate to your friend.



  1. Cut the book pages in the shape that you want (rectangle, heart, circle) 
  2. Make a hole in the tag with your hole puncher
  3. Attach the ribbon in the hole. 
  4. Optionally you can add the name of your friend or a drawing

If you search these crafts for more photo references, you may find that all of these items are also often sold on several websites. This article demonstrates how easy it is to make them instead of buying them.

As a last point, it is important to remember that the pages that you are going to use have to be from books with pages that you can’t recycle or book pages beyond repair.

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