By Sasha Muraguri

More than words can say. The act of deciding to put a well-worn book to good use is an opportunity for another to enjoy and in some cases, learn.

Many have seen the bridge between recycling books and encouraging reading, what’s more, is that this shining initiative can serve those who need it the most.

If we start our trip in Africa, groups such as “Book2Africa”,” Books For Africa” and “Room to Read” to name a few will be at the forefront of putting recycled books to work in classrooms, towns, and remote locations where literacy rates are at an all-time low. Thus entrusting your books to book recycling will therefore link them with such worthy causes

Moreover, if we continue our trip to South America and South-East Asia, recycled books here really do make the difference between illiteracy, and learning to read and write in some cases. To others, it’s a chance to cement their reading skills with new and exciting materials that they would never have dreamed of.

It’s easy to dismiss the idea of recycling used books with the notion that they won’t be used properly or taken care of well.

But, to those who need them, they will be treated as gems that can’t be tarnished. To those in real need of books, and who lack the resources to acquire them, the very idea of not treating books well is unthinkable

So, with that in mind to put you at ease, Start Now!

Peruse the shelves and take the books you can bear to part with, and know that they will find good homes and good hearts.

Now that you know how it helps, Join the Movement!

Happy Recycling!

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