The Emerge of eReaders: Are they really environmentally friendly?

By Myint Mo Maung Maung As technology continues to advance in today’s world, it is, without a doubt, bringing change to our daily lives. From smart homes to smartphones, technology is responsible for the betterment of human lifestyles and significant reduction of environmental impact. An example is when the year 1998 brought us the invention […]

The Link Between Our Forests and Book Recycling

By Sasha Muraguri Firstly, it is important to grasp the whole picture with numbers and statistics. Such as 200 Million trees are cut down daily to produce paper-related products such as books. That’s 2.5 seconds per tree. Additionally, there are the effects of said deforestation such as 28 Million metric tons of Carbon Dioxide emissions […]

The Refugee Problem: How Your Book Could Help

By Sasha Muraguri The Russo-Ukraine War has shed some light and brought to the attention of many the problem of Refugees.  As of April 2023, the UN has recorded 8.1 Million Ukrainian refugees across Europe alone. The Ukraine Crisis aside, the other Refugee situations are not fading away, The UNHCR, the UN agency which protects […]

Book Recycling and Me – How Does it Help?

By Sasha Muraguri More than words can say. The act of deciding to put a well-worn book to good use is an opportunity for another to enjoy and in some cases, learn. Many have seen the bridge between recycling books and encouraging reading, what’s more, is that this shining initiative can serve those who need […]

The Preservation of Knowledge Through Recycled Books

By Alexandra Landaverde What would have happened to actual society if the knowledge of “the Newton laws of motion” hadn’t been passed through the generations or if the work of Jane Austen and other romantic authors hadn’t been preserved? This subject is not always thought about and if so, it’s not contemplated very deeply because […]

Pulp, Print, Paper: How is it actually made?

By Myint Mo Maung Maung It is universally known that paper comes from trees; ask a 5-year-old and they would give the answer in a matter of moments. Ask them once more about how trees come to be the pages we write on. See tilted heads and little frowns? Worry not, not all adults are […]

Amazing Crafts to Recycle Your Books

By Alexandra Landaverde Have you ever found yourself cleaning your room and you find your old books from school?, your first thought will probably be to throw them out. Don’t do it! you can do several things with them, if you consider yourself an artsy person this is for you.  Recycling old books by repurposing […]

The Thrifting Tack: Why should we encourage book thrifting?

Myint Mo Maung Maung When you hear the word thrifting, the notion of buying old, used thingamajigs may come to mind. Not to mention, the stench that comes with them. Some people, however, are able to see past that and perceive the monument: the beauty, the history, and the various realms these items have traveled. […]

The Importance of Recycling Paper

By Kennisha Kapur Environmental preservation includes many different methods on how we can help our environment and be sustainable. One of these methods is recycling paper, a beneficial one for environmental preservation and quite easy to follow up with as well. Recycling paper helps conserve valuable natural resources, such as trees and water. By using […]

The Future of Book Recycling | Innovations, Opportunities, and Challenges

By Hanna Talitha Dear readers,  In a world where stories have the power to transport us to unimaginable realms, where knowledge lies linked upon every page, books have been a very important aspect of all of our lives – including me and you.   “There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot […]