By Sasha Muraguri

The Russo-Ukraine War has shed some light and brought to the attention of many the problem of Refugees. 

As of April 2023, the UN has recorded 8.1 Million Ukrainian refugees across Europe alone.

The Ukraine Crisis aside, the other Refugee situations are not fading away, The UNHCR, the UN agency which protects refugees, internally displaced people, unaccompanied minors, asylum seekers and others in need of support has stated that the current “Refugee Emergencies” lie in Afghanistan, DR Congo, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, Rohingya, and the Horn of Africa which consists of countries Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia.

Consistent drought, Economic Collapse, and Violence through warfare are but the top of a long list of problems keeping refugees from their homes; and children from their schools.

Around 3.7 Million refugee children have had disrupted or discontinued schooling, depriving them of the fundamental human right to a Quality Education.

Organizations, Causes, and Donations by individuals have made a difference for these 3.7 Million children. The aforementioned UN, in line with accomplishing its Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of Quality Education, has taken the ongoing refugee crisis seriously.

Apart from the monetary donations they receive, UN agencies such as UNHCR and UNICEF work side by side to aid children with books for learning and enjoyment. Other notable causes are Book Aid International, Room to Read, and First Book; not to mention the efforts of individuals like the Malala Fund, Dolly Parton, and Neil Gaiman.

The efforts made by such groups and individuals improve the lives of these refugees tenfold. Book Aid International for example has supported 126 Refugee Camps and Settings, opened 87 Refugee school libraries since 2018, and given access to over 60,000 Refugees to books through these libraries. Book Aid International has donated over 30,000 books in Greece and has transformed the classroom in Kakuma Camp in Kenya with the introduction of new -and most importantly- plentiful textbooks to aid struggling teachers.

Donating can be swapped with the word recycling in this case. Books, instead of being thrown away are given a new use; they are Re-Used.

Instead of pilling on to another of the world’s ever-growing problems, why not solve two at the same time?

Your book will contribute to helping the refugee population and allowing them to thrive, instead of contributing to the environmental impact of book disposal, accumulating waste, and greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s a win-win.

Millions are taking this win – and with ease.

Join in on the winning, and see your win transformed into another’s joy. 

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